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Your partners from design conception to building completion

Because every remodel possesses its own unique challenges, our team brings creative problem solving skills to every stage of the collaboration with the homeowner and architect. Our specialized teams are trained  to root out potential construction issues, even before it’s time to lift a hammer, to save you time and money, because we care about giving you a remodel experience that is as seamless and stress free as possible.

Pre- Construction Services

At Green Conversions, we’ve developed a special approach which we like to call “Design Assist.” Our mission is simple: to bring your dream home to life, keeping in mind your budget and timeline. The best time to get us on board is right at the start, during the pre-construction phase. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Early & Accurate Cost Estimates — lead to a more streamlined and efficient design and construction process. Costs are visible during design, allowing you to make cost-wise choices early in design, rather than needing an expensive redesign after the project has been fully detailed.
  • Probes to define concealed issues — Construction challenges are identified & addressed prior to construction; creative cost saving construction alternatives can be explored.
  • Streamlined Building Process — When we are brought together at project conception, they will be more familiar with the entire project’s details and complexities. Working with the design team in the initial planning process, the result is a reduction in the duration of the construction. It also allows early material procurement ahead of construction, keeping the project on schedule.

There are several stages of cost estimating:

  • Conceptual Budget — a rough estimate given during a first or second meeting to help determine the general feasibility of a project based on the client’s vision and budget.
  • Schematic Estimate — an estimate based on an initial schematic design (general floor plans before any finish details are specified) This estimate will help determine the direction of continued design.
  • Preliminary Estimate — an increasingly accurate estimate as the design progresses to the next level of detail. This is when value engineering is critical to evaluate cost saving ideas and options pricing. You have the flexibility to tailor the project to your budget because you can see how material and design choices are affecting the overall cost.
  • Final Estimate/Construction Price — A detailed estimate based on the final construction drawings, written specifications & scope of work. This results in the final price for construction.  Having worked with you and the designer during preconstruction, there should be no surprises on the price as it will have been developed, with your input, alongside design development

Cost of Preconstruction Services:

  • The cost of preconstruction services averages 2% of the construction budget (on top of construction costs).
  • Typically, the services pay for themselves through value engineering (identifying cost-saving alternatives in materials and construction methods) during the preconstruction process and avoiding design changes once the plans have been detailed.
  • Our preconstruction services contract is separate from our construction contract and is based on hourly rates.

We take great pride in syncing with the design team’s vision and finding solutions that meet everyone’s needs. Regular meetings with architects, site visits with subcontractors, and even some preliminary demolition work are all part of how we help shape the final plans. We’re so confident in the benefits of Design Assist that we’re willing to credit back up to 100% of its costs to you. That’s how much we believe in thoroughly understanding your plans, budget, and timeline before the first brick is laid!


At project kickoff, we assign a dedicated Project manager and project coordinator to keep your project running smoothly and to always be able to communicate with you clearly and in a timely manner throughout the entire process. The site Supervisor is responsible for all daily management of the building process and is supported by the project Manger for administrative support. The entire team is overseen by me as a third and final set of eyes on all production. Every week this team will meet with you, and your architect on site to review progress and reiterate expectations.

You are able to track the project’s day-to-day progress, and access all your related information from anywhere, by logging into your project’s custom cloud site. Utilizing Buildertrend’s app, our clients have access to everything project related. The site supervisor uploads daily the notable events and developments. Up to the minute progress photos & videos, open items, emails, and budget information, are all accessible via your smart phone or computer to provide you with complete
transparency and open communication.