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Because every remodel possesses its own unique challenges, our team brings creative problem solving skills to every stage of the collaboration with the homeowner and architect. Our specialized teams are trained  to root out potential construction issues, even before it’s time to lift a hammer, to save you time and money, because we care about giving you a remodel experience that is as seamless and stress free as possible.

Pre- Construction Services

Kicking things off with genuine conversations is where your journey begins. We’re excited to dive into what matters most to you and to clearly outline what you can expect from us. Together, we’re on a mission to transform your dream home into reality.

  • The Power of Planning
    • Jumping into a construction project without a solid plan can lead to unexpected challenges. While pre-construction might seem like an upfront cost, the value of careful planning and project sequencing is immeasurable. It sets the foundation for a successful build. The actual cost is based on the time dedicated to getting it right.
  • Design Meets Construction
    • During the pre-construction phase, we blend design with practical construction insights. Our team works closely with the architect and you, the client, to establish clear budgets, pricing, and schedules, ensuring everyone is on the same page from the start.
  • The Importance of Details
    • Gathering detailed information from the beginning allows us to provide accurate cost estimates and timelines. Without this, we’re left with assumptions that can impact the budget and lead to frustrations down the line.
  • The Advantages of Pre-Construction Collaboration
    • Early collaboration in the pre-construction phase fosters a deeper understanding of the project among all parties. This enables clear communication and provides a realistic view of what the construction process will entail.
  • Choosing Proactivity Over Reactivity
    • Pre-construction is our opportunity to be proactive, allowing us to explore materials, systems, and alternatives thoughtfully. Decisions made during construction are often reactive, which can limit our options and optimization.
  • Building Budget Confidence
    • The pre-construction process helps establish a trustworthy budget, promoting transparency and alignment among the team. Through careful planning, we aim to execute the project within the agreed budget, minimizing the need for a large contingency fund.
  • The Value of Pre-Construction Investment
    • Investing in pre-construction helps avoid budget overruns and delays, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient project. It’s a strategic approach that mitigates risks and paves the way for a smoother construction experience.

In summary, the pre-construction phase is essential for setting clear expectations, thorough planning, and efficient project execution within the agreed budget and timeline. By investing in pre-construction, you gain greater assurance in cost management and a more successful overall construction outcome.

Cost of Preconstruction Services:

  • The cost of preconstruction services averages 2% of the construction budget (on top of construction costs).
  • Our preconstruction services contract is separate from our construction contract and is based on hourly rates.

We take great pride in syncing with the design team’s vision and finding solutions that meet everyone’s needs. Regular meetings with the architect & the design team, site visits with subcontractors, and even some preliminary demolition work are all part of how we help shape the final plans. We’re so confident in the benefits of the Pre-Construction Services that we’re willing to credit back up to 100% of its costs to you. That’s how much we believe in thoroughly understanding your plans, budget, and timeline before the first brick is laid!


At project kickoff, we assign a dedicated Project manager and project coordinator to keep your project running smoothly and to always be able to communicate with you clearly and in a timely manner throughout the entire process. The site Supervisor is responsible for all daily management of the building process and is supported by the project Manger for administrative support. The entire team is overseen by me as a third and final set of eyes on all production. Every week this team will meet with you, and your architect on site to review progress and reiterate expectations.

You are able to track the project’s day-to-day progress, and access all your related information from anywhere, by logging into your project’s custom cloud site. Utilizing Buildertrend’s app, our clients have access to everything project related. The site supervisor uploads daily the notable events and developments. Up to the minute progress photos & videos, open items, emails, and budget information, are all accessible via your smart phone or computer to provide you with complete
transparency and open communication.